small print

[1] Cd 9230 pp.15

[2] HL Paper 104-ii pp.336-8, HC 387-ii pp. Ev99

[3] WOA ref. pending


7 Responses to “small print”

  1. […] 17.19/36.49 […] We’ve still got alot of questions – the lady back there? […]

  2. […] First of all, thank you very much for your analysis, because I find it very helpful to have the perspective alongside what I’ve been working on – if I can possibly summarise where I see the comparison of that work?

    If we were to take a “game theoretic” approach to modelling constitution, or possibly re-modelling constitution, we can describe it as a pack of cards, and a pack of cards has four Houses.

    So, what you have described is two Houses out of those four. The third House would be the House of the House-holder, i.e. the tax payer, and the fourth House would be the Inter-national House.

    So, we can compare our constitution with those of, for example, the constitution of the Antarctic governance structure, that is now informing the Arctic Council and the governance structures relating to that.

    So, there are very “modern” forms of constitution and constitution modelling, and formation, that we can refer to – and will be held accountable against – as we speak […]

  3. […] Thank you – you must give evidence to the Royal Commission, when it’s appointed […]

  4. […] please click here to begin as at date of original submission, for the record […]

  5. […] and/or “touch here” in due course, all being well, for the (un)record […]

  6. […] on grounds of performing a function which requires impartiality […]

  7. […] for peaceful purposes only […]

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