emergenomics 5

visualising” community development


20 Responses to “emergenomics 5”

  1. looks like there’s a bug literally showing on this page

  2. reminds of the one that was working the (un)vroom a while back

  3. oh? one that posed as text in place of the “image” that one would have otherwise have taken for granted?

  4. in a manner of speaking, yes – given that clicking into the archive retains a record of the image that should have been appearing on closer inspection – so anyone reviewing the archive without the full drill down would be none the wiser

  5. hmm – “would be” or “should be” none the wiser?

  6. either way, it’s a bug – and reminiscent of the whole UK eUniversity racket – took a while to get over that for some us, though others just slipped into committee positions as soon as they came up for nominations, and settled in relatively (un)perturbed

  7. but, can’t committee folk be pretty influential (if not downright obstinate) when it comes to funding programme specifications?

  8. specifications, modifications, bid-marking processes, bid-marking criteria, institutions being awarded – you name it, someone somewhere “could be” having a say and making a play, off-the-record of course – at the end of the day, the IP licensing arrangements for some of the by-products being generated are not insignificant when taken to international market

  9. making a play for the same game?

  10. why not? if the programme design permits the same racket and/or its variations, then the programme design permits the racket nonetheless

  11. can’t the bug be fixed?

  12. once spotted – and recognised for what it is – sure, if the broader infrastructure for sharing concerns hasn’t been too corrupted

  13. amnesty?

  14. 3 months already and counting – applications for new chair formally closed last week, with interviews to be held mid-July, so suggest due process with regards final appointment m(a)y signal a fresh start to begin with

  15. ’nuff said

  16. and WHiSPeReD

  17. […] unconference + invisible conference = unroundtable … ?’ – iNFRiNGeD – STOP – ‘currenting thoughts through shaping projects-in-practice’ – iNFRiNGeD – STOP – ‘community enhanced support for education and research?’ – […]

  18. […] incy wincy spider
    climbing up the spout, when
    down came the raindrops
    and washed poor spider out

    out came the sunshine
    and dried up all the rain
    and so incy wincy spider
    climbed up the spout again […]

  19. twinkle, twinkle little star
    how I wonder what you are
    up above the world so high
    like a diamond in the sky
    when the blazing sun is gone
    when he nothing shines upon
    then you show your little light
    twinkle, twinkle all the night
    then the traveller in the dark
    thanks you for your tiny spark
    he could not see which way to go
    if you did not twinkle so
    in the dark blue sky you keep
    and often through my curtains peep
    for you never shut your eye
    ’till the sun is in the sky
    as your bright and tiny spark
    lights the traveller in the dark
    though I know not what you are
    twinkle, twinkle little star

  20. […] seeking to appoint members to a new Infrastructure and Resources committee […]

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