emergenomics (11 + 1)

bringing together emergent profile for phase I with emerging profile for phase II (+I)


11 Responses to “emergenomics (11 + 1)”

  1. […] Have just picked up your message, and note that the […] website is still open to public view […]

    You need to seek urgent advise through the internal […] channels that are available to you. For the avoidance of doubt, and without prejudice save as to costs, I remain hopeful of being able to explore all manner of possible paths to resolving […] as effectively as possible, and have stressed the importance of preserving evidence as per standard preservation orders in these cases […]

    I am copying in […] to assist you accordingly […]

    The implications of evidence of tampering – which are publicly viewable to some degree but may require due forensic analyses to be conducted in the public interest if nothing else – pose grave risks not only to my own intellectual property and patenting processes, but also to dear […] – and please understand that I say this as a true friend of […] and […] community, whose collegial constitutional structure holds much potential for fostering open development, open source software development, and social enterprise for which I have been pathfinding from the outset – in contrast to say the […], or indeed any other possibly politically preferred funding channel purported in the same cause […]

    The communities I have been serving pro bono range across research councils, cabinet offices, and international third sector movements – basically the powers-that-be – I will not be able to avoid their enquiries, nor should I be expected to do so, should they begin to stream in […]

    In this context, although I have very carefully sought to gloss this […] primarily with issues relating to my intellectual property, the underlying implications are arguably of grave public concern. Without spelling these out, I am hope that […] at least has the competence to read-between-the-lines […]

    I want to help sort this mess out – […] as a publicly funded body is at risk – not from me, per se, but from the […] staff misconduct and actions arising their after which sit in full public (and political view) […]

    Please, please, please suspend the website immediately – this is perfectly within your responsibility – and seek […] careful counsel […]

  2. […] thank you for flagging this – it’s just crossed with my last message by way of the main official thread, that you and not […] will have received since.

    there is as yet no urgency with respect to your part and your being on leave is perfectly reasonable in this sense. the peer group is being offered as a possible means to expediting matters, but it is up to […] / person-declaring-responsibility-in-[…]’s-absence, to conduct their investigations as they see fit – this may or may not involve contacting members of the peer group as an initial point of reference.

    thankfully, members of the same peer group have taken the opportunity – as hoped – to begin to consult with me and each other off the main official thread in order to stand ready to help […] and ourselves resolve matters if called to do so.

    in particular, this means that the option of coming to a creative and community enhancing set of resolutions remains a real possibility, in which case, does indeed my/[…]’s real option of being able to safely and officially withdraw this complaint as soon as practicably possible.

    in this sense, with respect to […]’s role, it would be helpful to outline the sort of licensing agreement that may be put in place prior to agreeing any further steps. certainly, from my/[…]’s point of view, I have at least two base routes afaics available to me once standard preservation of evidence orders have been complied with:

    1. to walk away from the […] community taking all my IP and its derivatives away with me (which would effectively render the database […] including any possibility of being able to evaluate my/[…]’s participation at either project or programme or […] capital programme level calling into question a host of public interest inquiries)
    2. to find some way of licensing my/[…]’s IP to […] so as to permit at least activity to date to be retained on the database, and available for evaluation. this license would necessarily be offered at a fee that reflects […] the cost of labour associated with have researched, developed, produced and made publicly available said IP over the past twelve months. thus the demonstrable financial cost (as distinct from other possibly related costs) of settling matters most efficiently would be demonstrably the figure of the license fee, in this early scenario being costed in at […] for 12 months subject to quarterly reviews in view of […]’s progress with a progamme of remedial actions in light of the inherent risks of such attempts at licensing. For example, charging a possible Practices-in-Transition (PiT) working group with the express delivery of such remedial actions over an ensuing 12 month period, and coupling the deliverables to the fulfillment of requirements articulated by the license itself, would help turn invention into innovation in one fell swoop. if such an option could at all be effected, the implications for both community development and […] sustainability could be enshrined in best practice for innovation […]. the route to doing that would be via me/[…] being thus able to credibly advise on existing […] Office of Government tennets on managing successful “transformational flow” in a way that […] ultimately showcases open development, and open source software development, as […] procurement model […]. but first, to show how […] may yet procure my/[…]’s services (which incidentally would continue to remain pro bono unless otherwise negotiated on a case by case consultancy basis) […]

  3. […] dear esteemed peers,

    further to my last message, please find attached Appendix F and Appendix “Green” which describe issues that have come to light over the last two days which may have an immediate bearing on our specific persons, our profession(s), our employer(s)/contractual obligation(s), and our respective community membership(s)

    in particular, want to share my concerns for our personal safety in light of the incident reported and documented by Appendix F, and documented as having thus been escalated through formal […] channels by Appendix “Green”.

    hopefully, placing both Appendix F and Appendix Green on the record will serve as a deterrent to any further abuses. but if you should find that any of your person(s), your profession(s), your employer(s)/contractual obligation(s), and/or your community membership(s) being compromised in any way shape or form, please keep a written note of the issue in strictest confidence and, without necessarily having to share the details amongst any member of this group, please do take the precaution of sharing it in that same confidence with *some body* other than your kind self for peace of mind if nothing else.

    having said this, we may all yet be simply experiencing a cross-cultural storm in a teacup, and it is in this sense that experiencing this process together may turn out to be useful in resolving such matters sooner than we think.

    my sense is that we are currently in the eye of that storm, and eyes of storms tend to look the same size irrespective of the size of any actual storm – namely, a size that is as yet undeterminable […] so here’s wishing us all luck, and looking forward to moving on from this creatively at the earliest possibly opportunity.

    for example, we may wish to consider setting up […] on the topic of “practices-in-transition” (or the PiT) in order to help ourselves transition from here to whatever comes next […]

    but again, this […] is only an invitation […] by way of considering how we as a self-helping group of peers may be able to move forward from here for both public good and personal safety whilst prevailing practices remain in transition […]

    sincerely […]

  4. […] 20 January 2009, 1.09pm […] Just a short note to follow up on our face-to-face meeting of 19 December 2008, last month.
    Hope all has been going well at your end since – am looking forward to our intended WHiSPeRiNG GaLLeRY session together with the […] Legal team by way of immediate next steps – have you managed to collegially agree any dates/times/venues yet?
    If so, please let me know and will try and accommodate the same at the earliest.
    As discussed, the following WHiSPeRiNG GaLLeRY entry – and commentary – should make for a useful place for us to (re)commence our joint open efforts at this stage:
    Notwithstanding, here’s hoping that you receive this email ok in the first instance.
    With best wishes for the new year […]

  5. […] Agenda posted 18th December 2008, day before face-to-face meeting of 19th December 2008 with JISC Head of Innovation, QUOTE — “The meeting marks the beginning of the end of the programme … prime focus should be on ensuring that you get the best out of your final reports … how do you tell your project’s story?” […]

  6. […] about (turn) […]

  7. […] Please be advised that these links are being re-directed for digital preservation purposes relating to the WHiSPeRiNG GaLLeRY at https://ap0riasofar.wordpress.com

    In the event that the originally linked webpage is no longer publicly available via the URL stated for redirection, you may request access to a cached copy under the UK Freedom of Information Act from the relevant public body

    Additionally, you may direct your request to ” a [dot] pidgeon [at] aporia-works [dot] org ” (for the time being at least)

    For the record, the cached copy has been given an archival reference number identical to its original FURL item number which can be quoted in any related communication to help identify its source […]

  8. […] 1 April 2009, 12.09am […] To account holders on the Emerge Platform […] I am writing to let you know that the project which has sustained the Emerge site has come to an end.

    After a long deliberation we have decided that the Emerge Elgg site should not continue to operate in its current form.

    From midnight 31 March/1 April 2009 we will discontinue log-in to the Emerge Elgg site and suspend all feeds into this site.

    I would like to thank you all who have been instrumental in creating a vision a community of practice, supported by Web 2.0 technologies.

    The site will be suspended, archived, read-only and searchable. Only posts made to the site that were designated \”public\” will be visible. Participants\’ \”Pages\” and \”Profiles\” will continue to be visible. All url persistence will be maintained. All Data will be retained and protected under existing data protection and freedom of information policies.

    For a thorough discussion of the Emerge Project, please read the Emerge Reports site.

    One key message from our analysis is that a community has many modes of participation. It would be a mistake to assume that the presence of a website indicates either the presence or absence of a community. There is a network of people who have been very active in creating the Users and Innovation Programme and the Emerge community. This network of people persists. Discussions are ongoing concerning how this network might make its presence visible on the Internet or if a site similar to this one might be required.

    If you have any queries or comments contact […]

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